Saturday, May 22, 2004

The Anti-Chalabi Faction Rises?

Does the raid on Bush II's ex-tyrant-in-waiting's house signify the ascendency of the (largely Pentagon/CIA) faction who have always insisted Chalabi was...well, what he is, a vengeful con-man willing to tell any lie to advance himself? Or is it a purely internal Iraqi affair? Dudley Doright Powell, ever the yes-man soldier, seems to have been tirelessly plotting with his Pentagon masters for the day when the INC's ringmaster would fall from grace; but will it change anything? I firmly believe the economic/oil factors behind this massive crime are such that no matter what has been put in place, it will require permanent military muscle to keep the lid on and the oil flowing. The end of the House of Sa'ud is probably catalytical here. And that is just a matter of when not if. The whole Bush II energy policy predicated on hugely increased consumption of oil appears to be constructed around Iraq-the-colony as a necessity not a idle dream. I will not believe otherwise until we see a complete exodus of all US and US-loyal troops, which includes the various militia and security apparatus assigned to such as Halliburton, the interim quislings, the major oil wells, and other sine qua non of the Cheney-Wolfowitz gambit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

How Much Longer Do We Watch the Iraq Show?

The U.S. is clearly in deep trouble. It is not going to cut and run. It will not listen to advice. The atrocities mount up on both sides (though America is responsible for all of them). Where is a multilateral cry of HALT! from the civilized nations? Where are attempts to put together an Arab coalition to go in and replace the Anglo-American one? What sort of things can we do? What sort ought we to be doing?